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This Game has 2.73 Billions Downloads in 5 years and is still Counting

By 30th November 2017 No Comments

5-year-old on Mobile, Candy Crush Saga emerged to be the most popular mobile game in the U.S. after a startling comeback in the 3rd quarter. Since this mobile game completed its 5th anniversary this week, it has successfully crossed 2.73 billion sugary downloads.

The third quarter that ended on September 30, the game generated more than $250 million in revenue up 97% from the same period 1 year ago according to the measurement company, Sensor Tower. Since the launch of Candy Crush, more than 1 trillion game rounds have been played and 350 trillion candies have been swiped till date. At this awesome rate, the $15.9 billion that Activision Blizzard paid to acquire King in 2015 looks like a great deal.

Candy Crush Saga was amongst those 200 games that King created on its skill-based website. The company began converting those games to run on the  Facebook, Desktop and the ones which were successful were converted to mobile. Candy Crush really took off on mobile and did amazingly well on Facebook too. For 4 years, it has been among the top-ten grossing apps. Also, King continuously updates the game which has 2,800 levels now.

As of now, Candy Crush Saga has a social media fan base of 80 million and that is certainly huge for the small game led by Sebastian Knutsson in Stockholm, Sweden. Now, King has more than 2000 employees globally and more than 293 million monthly active users. In fact, Candy Crush has its own game show. For the 5th anniversary, King launched a plenty of in-game rewards for players.

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