Augmented Reality

Bringing Gaming into Real World

Our augmented reality unity 3d developers have the liberty to broaden their vision till the limits allow and provide enhanced usability. We speed up the project delivery while adhering to the client’s budget requirements. We also offer consulting solutions for AR so that if you have any queries you may ask them and be aware of the services that you choose to opt.

Our AR games development service has been streamlined in such a way that it supports the development of technically efficient and stable Augmented Reality based applications and games.

Future of Gaming, Learning and Customer Engagement

  • Education and Training: Students can now easily be skilled through real-life immersive simulations without having to panic about the results of committing mistakes during the training period.
  • Movies and Entertainment: TV shows and movies are using AR effects. So, now people can feel their favorite show taking place in their room.
  • Retail and E-Commerce: Using an AR application, customers these days can easily visualize how a product will look and feel while just sitting at their home convenience.
  • Travel and Tourism: Even before going to a city, AR has made it possible for the travelers to take a virtual tour with interactive travel guides and AR city tours.

Multifarious iPhone App Development Services

Real Time 3D for Mobile
Head Mounted Displays
Multi Touch Integration
Gesture Recognition
Real Time 3D for Webs

The Future of Gaming Is Here

Nowadays, augmented reality games development is being mostly carried out by Smart Phones and Tablets than anything else in this world. Small and big businesses are persistently trying to integrate this concept into their products. At Ommzi Solutions, we are already incorporating this idea by assessing client needs and thus, developing the most feasible augmented reality solutions.
We bring forth matchless passion and commitment for what we do. If you have an awesome idea for an augmented reality app, get in touch with us.

How Ommzi Helps In Building Successful AR Apps

We work with the aim of taking each and every user on an incredible adventure to give them the real feel instead of just visualizing the environment. Here is how we build remarkable AR applications:

  • Multiple agility development teams.
  • Adherence to strict quality standards.
  • Pocket-friendly rates for your business apps.
  • Access to the latest tools and technologies.
  • User-friendly and engaging app solutions.
  • First-class AR development and support with a dedicated technical team.
  • Assurance of W3C validation and SEO semantic code.


Andreas NordenadlerFounder Battle Cow

“Superb job done by the Ommzi team! Work is just amazing as everyone will see when the game will be launched. The more I work with Mandeep the smoother the process gets. Cheers to the Ommzi team.”

Hoai Nam NguyenFounder at App Monkey

“Mandeep is very honest, the team was very responsive. They even made changes when the project was about to come to an end as I wanted to modify several features! Satisfactory display of work.”

Joni PirovichFounder & CEO @Token of Eight

“Very good work ethic along with a keen desire to achieve the best product was applaudable! Great job done! Reliable and always willing to achieve the product which you desire for! 10/10.”

Ron PerkinsCo Founder @SpotaGoGo

“Mandeep and his team helped create a great mobile app for my company. He was great to work with and very professional. I especially appreciated his frequent communication. Thank you! ”

Steven WuManaging Director @Media Hive

“Mandeep and his team were extremely kind and cooperative. Always responsive with great quality of Responses! They delivered a reasonable product and fixed major bugs with positive attitude.”

Ali AsghariFounder and CEO @ OfficeDive

“The Ommzi team has shown an awesome work of display! Very reliable and willing to devote extra effort to ensure product is developed as per the best standards and according to specifications.”