Mandeep Dhalor

 CEO and Founder

 “I believe in smarter vision blended with authenticity and creativity” As a CEO at Ommzi, I have gained taste of years in handling challenges of a business. I have acquired skills of business analytics, forecasting and strategic implementation, which are adding to foster in reaching our goal. I am proud to bring Ommzi to this state of debt free growth, where we have managed to self fund ourselves and make progress towards our goals.

Mohit Aggarwal

 Project Manager

I stay updated with my passion for technology and this is what I infuse in my team  for best results. Understanding requirements, analysing risks and managing workflow for ultimate throughput is my profile. Me and my team work spontaneously to bring the latest in your hands

Irphan Khan

 Team Lead

I design, code and modify the websites to give a user friendly and easy navigation. My experience of 8 years gives me the precise technics to  keep user’s interest intact and give a visually appealing experience.

Amanpreet Kaur

SEO Executive

My work aims at keeping the websites optimized by analyzing the overall performance and keyword placement. The result driven campaigns are a part of my approach to increase traffic and user base.