Insanely addictive finger tap game! All you need is to dab the bubble on the screen cautiously and betray the obstacles on the way up. Be prudent as the bubble should not fall down which can lead you to lose the game. In order to collect the new characters available in the game collect maximum gems. The game is meticulously designed in the portrait mode and the bubble will eventually move up every time to tap on the screen. Your aim should be to take the bubble as high as possible. Your phone’s accelerometer would be used to control the direction of the bubble, which means if you tilt your phone to any of the side the ball will automatically move to that side of the screen.

The player will have to face many hurdles on the way, some of the hurdles would include spikes, birds, air blows, etc. Your score would depend on the height at which you would reach. Higher you reach, more would be the score.


  • Share your score online with your friends
  • Increased complexity as you move up
  • Get a chance to unlock new characters and win exciting prizes
  • Portrait mode game

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