SpotaGoGo is a scavenger hunt game that engages and motivates people to discover sponsored locations and promotions. SpotaGoGo uses the technology that comes built into smartphones, like geo-mapping and the camera, to create a fun, location-based game specifically to promote schools, organizations, and events. The game environment includes built-in links to Facebook and Twitter for instant, viral promotion. Players seamlessly connect to social media within the app, which leverages exposure and greatly magnifies the promotion’s effectiveness for sponsors.

SpotaGoGo provides organizations with a complete game environment, customized exactly for their specific promotion. It starts with the virtual landscape within the game, which can be a school campus map, or any other setting that can be mapped.

The user registers with the app and he is shown a list of nearby on-going games to be downloaded from the server. Players search out locations on a map and use the app’s Augmented Reality to recognize and “capture” 3D avatars at each stop.

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