Tower Keeper is the most realistic and hottest archery simulation game. It delivers superlative experience that features dazzling 2D graphics, magnificent animations and simple intuitive controls. The players of the game are: Archer, Spear Man, Stone Man, Crossbow Man, Axe Man, Knife Girl, Catapult and Magician. Whereas, the enemies are: Sword Man, Red dragon, Blue dragon, Demon and Horse. You will always face new challenges while playing the game. Get access to new locations and compete against the best of the best.

Submit your score and compete with the enemies. You will definitely enjoy it. All you have to do is pull with your hands, aim and release the arrow.


  • Sophisticated animation and realistic 2D graphics
  • increases concentration abilities
  • Simple yet beautiful game play
  • Social media sharing on various platforms
  • Play as much as you want and win prizes
  • Nice soothing background music
  • Smooth Touch controls

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