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5 Graphic Design Trends you need to be aware of in 2020

By 11th August 2017 No Comments

As we all know, graphic designing world is evolving with each passing day. Some of the design trends vanish in months, but there are some that stay for years. Today, we are going to spill some beans on which of the graphic design trends will generate buzz in 2017.

Whether you wish to set up a new trend for yourself or follow the crowd, the decision is yours. Most importantly, it is essential to stay updated about the latest trends which will take leading positions in 2017. The year would be pretty much about imagination off limits. Hopefully, it sounds favourable, so let’s get started now:

Asymmetry: This hot trend in graphic design is creating asymmetric layouts. Designers these days are breaking the rules of symmetry and the results are outstanding. In this type of compositions, the graphic design elements are not balanced on both sides of the design when we draw a non-visible line in the middle so as to segregate the composition in 2 even parts. Indeed, breaking the rules of symmetry sounds cutting-edge and thrilling.

Duotone: The big trend of superlative graphic design is creating duotone compositions. Since, it comprises of 2 bright colours there is no chance that this kind of design will go unseen. Yes, it does require some advanced designing skills however you can expect extraordinary results in return. The 2 colors when blended may be contrasting for a even more contrasting composition by combining two bright colours of your choice.

Low Poly Designs: This trend has been dominating all graphic design fields so far and we will be seeing more of it as website redesigns, on ads, flyers, business cards, banners and posters. Since low poly designs come in geometric shapes & color games which give it the feeling of 3D composition.

Stock Photos: Utilizing stock photos in graphic and web designs is dull and obvious. We live in such times when a bit of innovation can take your composition off the charts. If you have made up your mind to go for boring photos which have been used many times by other people before you use these pics then dont blame your audience if they are not impressed with the designs. There are plenty of alternatives to stock photos even if you don’t possess any designing skills. So, take your time to design more authentic photos and creatives.

Useful GIFs: We all love GIFs because they are indeed the ideal little conversation helper that expresses emotions when texts fails to convey your feelings. Also, they don’t even need any special software to run because they have a smaller file size and can be easily embedded anywhere. They make a better option as compared to videos and images. Certainly, the versatility hidden in GIFs will make them even more useful and helpful in 2017. Thus, instead of using boring stock images, go for GIFs and invest a few minutes of your time in creating something innovative and highly expressive.

Now, we will see design taking a complete different approach to things designers have been doing for so long. It will be unique, intense and most importantly, BEAUTIFUL. Hopefully, this blog will give some new graphic design challenges and a way to beat your competitors.

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