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Blockchain in Augmented Reality

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Blockchain In AR

Augmented Reality is an enchanting experience for all. Staying present in real world and enjoying the virtual objects is giving people mesmerizing experiences. With the passage of time, AR has proven its worth in various fields. But, what’s next?

Next is Augmented Reality Blockchain! Year 2016 was the year of major enhancements in the  blockchain technology. The entire world was taken by a storm to adapt to the blockchain technology to survive in the future. In this wave, almost all the application development companies started to make blockchain as  an integral part of them with AR and VR also staying inline.

AR is a super technology that is today a part of almost every domain. AR menus in a restaurant, AR business cards, AR toys, AR books, AR games and more AR related things are there in the market with unlimited happy audiences and a real time virtual experience

Why Augmented Reality with Blockchain?

About 90% of businesses and other fields reside on the internet today. A large volume of data and other information is stored, retrieved and used from the servers on the internet. But all this is centralized, which means there are a lot of chances of infringement.

Blockchain is a decentralized ledger system that ensures data security at a much higher level known till now. It makes use of second generation Ethereum to make a DAPP(decentralized application)

The AR applications using blockchain tends to use 2 types of systems – On chain and Off chain. The off chain data is the basic data of the application and the on chain data is used for all sort of transactions.

Various AR applications that include transactions,  such as AR shopping applications have to stay more secure. With this in mind, the application development companies put today’s AR apps on Blockchain. The users are provided with a secure certificate to carry out transactions that keeps safe from any type of view or fraud in the blockchain system.

With the changing time, both the technology and the people are growing at a faster pace. There is a need to adapt to technologies like blockchain that help secure important data over the internet from any theft. It is globally considered that the information of each individual should be kept under covers and not be allowed for display to anyone, until authorized by the user himself.

So, the integration of blockchain in augmented reality applications will for sure help people in relying upon such real time applications for transactions and the real time implementations.


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