Common Types of Popular Yet Addictive Fun Games Played Online

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Do you often end up feeling bored due to lack of activities? If your answer to this question is Yes then it’s time for you to indulge in some exciting and interactive fun mobile games which can be easily found online with a few tabs open in your browser.

Some of the games are so addictive that you will find yourself anticipating for the next time you try your hands at the mobile games again. There are various games of diverse genres, designed to cater to people from different walks of life. Indeed, this type of entertainment has become immensely popular and with your mobile, you can have all the fun you want. The best part is most of the game levels are free giving you a chance to download them as much as you can.

Obviously, with plenty of games launched on a daily basis, it becomes little intricate to choose the one that suits your gaming preferences. So, here we are bringing forth several types of fun mobile games you would want to know about:


  • Dress Up Games: These games involve fashion, design, and make-over. Young girls especially start developing an interest in dolls at an early age. Dressing up dolls is amongst the fun games to involve the children in. Also, dress up games can also be played by older people, they may involve dressing up celebrities. You and your friends can decide to dress them up as Barbie dolls, casual wear or in designer dresses. Ultimately, the person with the most beautiful outfit wins the game. Dress up games would improve your fashion sense as well and you will learn about the latest fashion designs in the market.
  • Arcade Games: These games are coin-operated ones which are mainly found in public places. They are installed in restaurants, public businesses, and video places. Most of the games involve video games which comprise of ball toss games and shooting galleries. They are immense fun and can be used to keep children occupied when you have to take care of other activities. So, you can complete your other daily and important chores while your child is playing.
  • Sports Games: There are certainly a lot of games that involve sports and played for fun these days. Some of these are race game, football, baseball, and golf. Usually, these games appeal to boys more since they tend to be more aggressive than girls. Sports games are competitive and adventurous too so they will keep you on your toes. Since these games are challenging, you have to win points to move to the next level. Normally, levels range from 3-6.
  • Bingo Games: In order to become a master of math concepts, Bingo games can be used as fun for kids and this way Match eventually becomes an interesting subject for them to practice. Bingo cards can be made to represent various math units. Cards should have the ideal solution for all math problems kids face these days. Then, Math problems should be called out and each student should work them out to see if they find the answers on their bingo cards.
  • Jeopardy Games: These games involve students giving answers to a variety of questions. Such questions are based on several topics like language studies and science units. What’s exciting about jeopardy is that it can be easily played by anyone including adults as well. It is an ideal way of exercising your mind.

These fun mobile games can be played by adults and children both. Both have plenty of opportunities for experiencing fun through these games. If you are looking for means of infusing some real fun and excitement into your life then try fun games, you will never feel bored or out of the plus. Plus, these games contribute towards bringing the family together over the holidays that keep everyone entertained.

Here are our best picks for the best mobile fun games:


  • Heads Up: This fun party game is easy to play for everyone in the party room or you can split into teams as well. Everyone takes turns as the ‘‘guesser’’. So, when your turn comes, pick a category, hold the phone up to your head with the screen facing out. Your friends in the party room make you guess the word by acting on it. Now, your goal is to guess the word as per the allotted time. The ‘Heads Up’ categories include – ‘Act it Out’, ‘Blockbuster Movies’, ‘Icons, Legends and Stars’ and ‘Accents and Impressions’.


          Download Heads Up on Playstore –

          Download Heads Up on App Store:


  • Reverse Charades: This is classic charades, but instead of only one person guessing and the entire room guessing, the whole party room imitates while one person guesses. The fun part is everyone can participate from your little cousins to your drunk uncle acting out, seems to be really exciting. Isn’t it?


        Download Reverse Charades on Playstore –

       Download Reverse Charades on App Store –


  • Just Dance Now: If you really need to get people off the couch, this game makes a fantastic gaming option to play with your friends and family. Apart from a smartphone in your hand, you will need to have some kind of big screen with a Web browser like Computer or Apple TV that everyone can see. Pick a song and dancing avatar will be displayed on the screen as if you were looking into a mirror. Based on the rhythm and accuracy of your movements, you earn points.


          Download Just Dance Now on Playstore –


  • Sketch Party: Sketch Party is an updated version of Pictionary. Instead of crowding around a sheet of paper, you use your Phone plus an Apple TV with AirPlay Mirroring to broadcast each drawing in real-time to the whole room. The app lets you set your own teams or build a custom word list which is ideal if you want to keep things educational.


         Download Sketch Party on App Store –


  • Bloop – Tabletop Finger Frenzy: Bloop pits players against each other in a battle to tap the tiles on the device’s screen. For awesome results, play on a Tablet but compatible with phones as well. At once, 2-4 people can play. Your goal is to tap the most tiles of your color before anyone else does. However, the tiles move and shrink as the play goes on and on. With the addictive nature of this game, it can bring out the aggression in people.


           Download Bloop – Tabletop Finger Frenzy on Playstore –

           Download Bloop – Tabletop Finger Frenzy on App Store –

By now, you must have been well-versed with how games make people feel more energetic and young. For all age groups, games are the ultimate source of entertainment and it goes without saying, the more you play, the more you will be pleased by. So, take some time out of your hectic schedule and play it on. Because, if you are not playing mobile games, then let me tell you, my friend, you are missing out on the biggest fun of your life which not just infuse joy in your life but let you earn money as well. Yes, it’s true! How? Will share the money-making ideas in the next post….


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