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E Sports Industry to Reach €1.25 Billion by 2020

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E Sports is one of the fastest growing entertainment industry. It has gained a lot of popularity and is estimated to reach 1.25 Billion Euros by 2020. All the glimpses of professional video gaming shall be portrayed in live audience and millions via streaming worldwide at E- stars finals soon.

Many teenagers master in smart video gaming skills and earn a lot by playing games like Grand Theft Auto, Call Of Duty and Fortnite, while there are many more who have no awareness on this.

Basically, Electronic Sports is a video game competition played among volunteers of the game play. Such games are well organised multiplayer video games that are played by professionals with numerous formats including fps(first person shooter) and MOBA (multiplayer online battle arena)., the main platform for online electronic sports gaming was launched in 2011 as a small website majorly focusing on streaming live content to interactive users. By showing the skills of professional streamers to play video games, the site grew from mere 3 million users to 20 million users per month. Not just this, since then, the site has grown to hundreds of million visitors. operates on the subscription fees, advertising  and selling custom chat rooms and  in turn earn huge revenues.

Such a big emergence attracted Amazon, which in 2014 bought this booming website for  €810 million.

The number of visitors at has been increasing, which clearly shows the interests of people in being an audience to a live video game championship rather than mobile gaming. In 2017,  a famous multiplayer game Dota 2 had a prize pool of whooping €20 million. It has also been observed that more teenagers are interested in e sports that the older age people.

Many big gaming companies in the world are turning towards e sports as a major source of entertainment and revenues. Its so popular that there were much more audiences to the game Legend World Champions than the audiences to NBA(National Basketball Association)finals in US. The evident proof to this popularity is that a demonstration of e sports is under talks for 2024 Paris Olympics.





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