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Facebook to Sell Portable Headset for Virtual Reality

By 7th November 2017 No Comments

Facebook is all set to launch a new virtual reality headset which offers a 360-degree panoramic view of imaginary spaces. The new technology will move from a niche interest to a widely used platform for communication, gaming and business applications.
The headset does not require a separate computer to operate and so makes a great option for mobile users than the company’s existing Oculus Rift product as said by Chief Executive, Mark Zuckerberg. Speaking at a Conference for virtual reality developers, he said the “Oculus Go” device would cost $199 and ship early next year.
In the year 2014, Facebook paid $3 billion to acquire Oculus and retain its employees. The Oculus Go is billed simpler as compared to Rift which went on sale last year. Both require desktop computers to operate. Mike Schroepfer, Facebook’s Chief Technology Officer in an interview said that you are going to see these headsets a lot on airplanes because it’s way better than the back-of-the-seat monitor or my phone. He further said that the device is aimed at people who do not have Samsung smartphones. Oculus and Samsung Electronics Co already selling a device, Gear VR which when paired with certain Samsung phones is similar to Oculus Go.

Facebook is no doubt trying various ways to attract people to the virtual reality medium. The company is developing the software known as Facebook Spaces which allow friends to meet in virtual rooms it will soon integrate live video.

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