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How to make a game like Subway Surfers

By 9th May 2018 One Comment
how to subway surfers

Making a game is a creative process. You need to be sure and confident of what you want and whether you have the required skills to do it or not. Making a game has various phases and you need to either be expert in all those or have a dedicated expert to do it.

Subway Surfers is an endless runner game that is highly responsive and contains well crafted game play. This Sybo and Kiloo game has created history by getting more than 1 Billion downloads at Google play store not by hi tech effects, but it’s simple and attractive game play.

The main engine behind creating such a successful game is Unity and you shall use this too for that awe inspiring game.

If you want to develop such a game, you need have knowledge in programming and some knowledge in Unity will be an added advantage. However, if you don’t know Unity,  it’s absolutely easy and friendly to use and learn.

Why Unity for Game Development like Temple Run, Subway Surfers

Unity, the most popular game engine is the first choice of almost all game developers. Its cross-platform game development engine with the built-in Integrated development environment(IDE) gives game developers all at one place.


A Game Engine + An Application + A Code Editor = Unity

This rare combination of a game engine, an application and a code editor is what makes Unity rule with power. Besides this, Unity has various inbuilt features that are very useful for developers as well as designers such as IDE, Assets Store, Scripting, Graphics, Cross platform, Economical and many more.

Steps to Create a Game like Subway Surfers for iPhone & Android

  • Decide the game theme and story design: The first and foremost step requires you to decide upon what actually is to be done. Obviously you can not make a copy of any game, instead just use the same concept. Subway Surfers and Temple Run both are endless runner games that have similar concepts and of course look very different from each other. You are supposed to decide the concept(if it’s an endless runner or something else) and next the story i.e the way in which your game shall progress and view to audiences and also if in 2D or 3D
  • Designing the game art:  This is the time to bring game designers, audio designers and animators in the process. Remember that this phase is like making a movie where you act as an art director.
      1. Set up terrain as continuous triple railway tracks. The tracks can be set to go continuous by re initiating the tracks in coding.
      2. Now design the character. Character must be handcrafted beautifully to give an appealing effect to the gamer. As is the case in Subway Surfers, where the character starts running immediately after the game starts, so will be in your game too. For this, you will have to do character rigging before its animation. After completing the character and other designs, this is to be handed over to the programming team to make everything working.
  • Coding the game: This is the most crucial part that revolves around creating logic and calculations. As the engine will be Unity, therefore the programming language shall be C# or JavaScript. Unity provides adept Camera controls, Physics Engine, dedicated Renderings for 2D and 3D with valuable set of numerous assets available in the Unity Assets Store. The coding for the game shall contain the following
      1. Setting the scene
      2. Adding the character
      3. Make the tracks to move
      4. Add power ups
      5. Collect power ups
      6. Incorporate the game logic
      7. Code for managing hurdles and chasing police
      8. Code for pause and replay
      9. Code for GUI to display score and other details
      10. Add audio effects
  • Testing and Deployment: Once you are done with the coding, it’s now time to test what you crafted. It is utmost important to check the weak areas and amend them so that the players don’t face any issues and enjoy a smooth game play. It’s important to note here that marketing is also and important phase that helps boost your game after release. Once all is tested well and working absolutely perfect, it’s time to export the game build to the play store from where people can download and enjoy the game.

When to Begin Marketing your Game

Marketing is the most required and most ignored part of game development. In this competitive gaming world, there are numerous games that are released each day and diminish without gaining much. This is just because of no or less marketing.

There is a misconception among game developers that marketing should be done after releasing the game. In fact, marketing should be done much before final release, which creates a curiosity factor among gamer to download and explore the game in its initial days.

A planned marketing strategy should be ready to attract gamer prior the release. You can use following ways to do impressive marketing of your game

  • On your website: Put some captivating pictures of your upcoming game highlighting its features.
  • Boost over the Social media: We all know that social media is the place to find maximum audiences. An attractive ad post with  a few glimpses of the game can work big. Also remember to keep on posting at regular time intervals so as to keep the curiosity alive among gamers on release of the game.
  • Short Trailers: This is really impressive form of marketing that gives gamers a sneak peek into a bit of the game play that pushes them to download the game and have a complete look.
  • A development blog: This is a less popular form of marketing, but still manages to gather some attention. You need to release blog that contains struggles and competitive times while creating the game. Readers love such pieces that include real time experiences. This is also a kind of advertisement where your game hits their minds.

The Final Suggestions

Developing a game is for sure not at all a child’s play and fetching as well as retaining audiences for it comes out to be even more tedious until it becomes popular. You can develop a game yourself if you have complete knowledge on it or can outsource to a good game development company like Ommzi, that takes care of everything from concept designing to deployment and marketing. Also, the quality of the game is very important that includes well crafted and appealing game scene as well as character. Always remember that what is important is not your concept, but what the target audiences/players love to play.


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