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Unity3D – The game development makeover

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What is unity3D game development? Why is it popular among 3D game developers? Well, these and many more questions revolve around our mind. To understand the underlying reasons, let’s walk through this article and know unity in a better way.

Gaming has always been the most enthusiastic and adventurous experience. The most popular games are rigorous, well structured, thrilling and of course made as a real world scene. The more it seems real, better is the gaming experience. You may use a best gaming laptop, but what gives you a refined view is the crisp development process.

Unity3D games is a massively growing market – hire unity developers and excel

The most popular game development tool is not just a choice of developers, but wins the hearts of gamers too. There are approximately 770 million gamers globally, who prefer Unity3D games made using Unity engine over other games.

According to a recent survey on revenues earned from gaming, there has been a steady increase in profits from mobile games as the number of mobile gamers is increasing multifolds compared to gaming on other devices in recent years. This is a gift of unity that allows easy cross platform development and deployment, which makes gaming reach in hands of people through mobile phones and thus increase the revenue for gaming industry.

Also, in the field of VR and AR games, Unity3D has emerged as the most preferred and widely used tool.

Recently, there is immense increase in demand of Unity3D developers and more and more game development companies like ommzi are keen to hire game developers who are proficient in this amazing tool.

Unity3D – First choice of game developers

First launched at Apple’s WWDC, unity was tailored to build functions only on Mac. Later, it was released to be used on other platforms too and this is when it gained popularity.

Unity3D is a game development tool that enables developers to create cross platform games faster and better. It has an IDE(integrated development environment) embedded with numerous tools for creating amazing 2D, 3D, VR(virtual reality) and AR(augmented reality) games, graphics, layouts, content, designs and game plays. This tool is widely used in developing games for mobiles, consoles, casinos, desktops and websites.

With this ultimate tool, the Unity game developers can create the most impressive and realistic scenes including surfaces, elements, characters, audio and all other objects to give you a whole new gaming experience. The rendering engine and the integrated tools work wonders in creating a game that wins hearts.

Features of Unity3D – reasons behind popularity

Unity 3D is not just popular for any particular reason, instead the bundle of features that it integrates make it popular and smarter.

  • Easy to grasp: Unity3D is easy for beginners to adapt and proves to be a strong development tool for the expert game developers. The IDE is simple and interactive with integrated tools that are easy to access. The Unity assets store contains numerous assets that can be easily customised as required.
  • Instantaneous Cross platform deployment: This is a time and resource saving feature that lets the developer to create a single code and deploy it at various platforms. This is the latest technology in the field of coding and has emerged as first choice. It makes the game development process quick and easy, thus proving  it to be a boom for game development companies.
  • Exclusive multi language community for the developers: Unity3D has a dedicated community for its developers to interact and exchange ideas. This is a very fruitful feature that provides immense scope of learning, grooming and updation to the game developers.
  • Support for scripting languages: Unity3D supports both JAVAScript and C#, the most widely used scripting languages across platforms. This makes Unity 3D to have a wider implementation area.
  • Rendering: Unity3D rendering is done using a Unity graphics engine that uses Open GI ES, Direct 3D, Open GL for vivid platforms. This engine is build well to support parallax, reflexion and bump mapping. It also enables to render text and shadow maps for creating dynamic shadows.  Adobe photoshop, 3ds Maya and Max, Blender, MODO, Cinema 4D are a few of the supported file formats.
  • Versatile import feature: The import feature in unity allows to instantly and swiftly import 3D models, animations and bones from any 3D application. As you save in any of the tools, the update applies across the entire project.
  • Edit at runtime: This is an amazing feature that helps create a high quality product. The game developers can edit, inspect and make changes while the game is running in the IDE.
  • React on fixed time intervals: Asynchronous time intervals may become a big hurdle in gaming at different timelines. Unity3D has a built in tool that handles such a situation  depending on the platform.

Advantages of creating a game with Unity3D – latest and the best

  • Facilitates Agile methodology:  Unity3D is created in a way that it follows agile development method. Each project is worked upon as modules and developed from scratch. There is a continuous release and quick prototyping for better results.
  • Incorporates 2D superbly:  It is called Unity3D, but supports 2D equally well. With this tool, you can have precise and amazing work in 2D and 3D. The 2D engine that is built in, allows to create fine 2D games,animations, physics etc.
  • Affordable technology: Unity3D is an affordable tool that saves a lot of time as well as resource allocation. This helps game development companies to save and earn a lot.
  • Multi platform support:  Unity3D supports 17 different platforms, where you can export your game. This code portability makes Unity3D stand apart others.  
  • Ideal for multiplayer games: Creating a multiplayer game is a real big deal. It requires a lot of skill and creativity to handle complex gaming scenarios and overcome these in real time. With Unity3D, this becomes a more managed task that accomplishes well.
  • Most preferred by gamers: Because of the quality and robustness, the Unity games are the most prefered games these days. Maximum of the top rated games are made using Unity.
  • More realistic game play: The in – built PhysX support with real time simulation and meshes helps create near realistic and robust gameplay.  

The inference:

After knowing Unity3D, it must be clear that it’s not just any tool, instead its a technology that is in demand these days because of its quality and features. A Unity3D developer can pour – in the creativity and knowledge to get best games out of it. Moreover, many game development companies and people involved in gaming business can earn fortune by adapting to this promising tool.

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