Watch out the 10 Best Android Games of 2020

By 7th July 2017 No Comments

With the release of Android Nougat and Vulkan API, mobile gaming is all set to lure the gamers in this gaming world of 21st century. Games for android seem to hit the highest heights every single year with the technology progressing. Without delaying it more, check out these best Android games available right now:

Clash Royale

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Fallout Shelter

In this game, you must form a shelter, take in survivors and create a flourishing ecosystem. You will face obstacles such as: attack by AI bad guys and fires, but indeed you will enjoy playing this simulation game.


game consists of high frame rates, solid connections and unlimited free play. You will be in a position to form a team with people and go head-to-head against other opponents you see in MOBAs. With spectacular graphics, more than twenty five heroes to unlock, you can play with bots if you choose to.

NOVA Legacy

it’s already one of the outstanding free Android games. It comes with beautiful controls and graphics. There is a storyline, online multiplayer mode and an elementary crafting system. This is sci-fi based story which means there are a lot of things you don’t get with realistic shooters.


Pocket Edition: It is a popular game worldwide for all ages. Minecraft puts you in a world where you mine stuff, build stuff and beat up bad guys whosoever comes in your way. There is a survival mode also where you must mine your resources and food with a creative mode which gives you everything unlimited. Latest updates have added plenty of fresh content and possibilities.

The Room Series

This game remains to be one of the most top rated Android games. The room is a series of escape puzzle games and your aim is to solve the puzzles and get out. The game comprises of cloud saving, alternate endings, multiple profiles and splendid graphics.

Ink Wars

INK WARS is a brand new adventure to give your addiction for the bubbles a boost. Experience everything from a fierce octopus to a squid boxing championship. It is an exhilarating underwater bubble adventure for all the game lovers. Download now to experience the incredible.

Battle Cow

the farming world! Go on farm adventures, collect coins and win. Start off playing in the farm Haywire Ville with Cow – Moo, the central character of this game. Moo has been a very loving and caring cow at farm. But, when Rhino attacked the farm, there was no escape for the farm animals. Seeing the destruction, COW took over the Rhino and wild animals.


Heroes of Warcraft: It is a card dueling game in which you will be unlocking cards, building decks and then dueling other players using the deck you have just built up. It’s free to play which makes it reachable for everyone to try out and certainly one of the top Android games out there.

Cut the Rope

Magic: There are tons of levels, transformations, power ups and tricks in this game and you can complete each and every level without in-app purchases. Probably, it will just take some time since this game does depend on an energy system.