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Why it’s a fantastic idea to invest in Games Than Apps

By 15th September 2017 No Comments

Are you in love with the gaming world? Ever wonder what it takes to make a highly profitable game? If earning lots of money is your ultimate goal then this is certainly a great industry to invest in because it generates billions and adored by millions. In the past few years, we have seen how the gaming industry has undergone a seismic transition.

There are winners and losers in mobile gaming, so investors need to be very careful if they wish to pursue this sector for investment. Let’s take a look why it makes sense investing in mobile gaming than mobile applications:

    • Add an AD in the Game: Since people spend more time playing mobile games than watching streaming videos on websites like YouTube, Netflix etc. You can leverage on this opportunity and kick start a game with unique fresh gaming approach. You can allow companies to advertise on your game and in return they will give you money.
    • Games are ‘Addictive’: What not to love about mobile games? They are easy, fun, free and lovable. All these traits adds up to the addiction towards games and make them more popular among populace. Whereas, if you see apps do not serve such entertaining facets as games do. People tend to use apps for a shorter period of time while games are widely used for a longer duration.
    • Profitability Formula: The requirements for profitability in gaming comprises of high number of installs, in-app purchases by users and that makes gamers remain playing games for a longer period of time. You can provide users with limited gaming features and lock the other features. Now, if users want to access the locked features, you can simply charge the users. It’s like a demo version where some of the features users are not allowed to use until and unless they are willing to pay for it. Also, you can generate revenue through AdMob which could be on play stores. Also, the ads which pop up in between the game play makes a great source for revenue.
    • Compelling Platform: On an average, mobile games are competing with other so many apps that users keep on their phone and use them on routine basis. Since the world has gone mobile, games are competing not just with other gaming rivals but the entertainment and social messaging space as well that includes Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, HBO Go, Netflix and lot many.
  • Selling distribution rights: You can make money by just posting your game to all the app stores and and on your own website. You can also tap into MarketJS who acts as an intermediary between you and the game publisher. You can sign up on their website, upload the game to the MarketJS server. You will have the option to complete the distribution contract and sell all the distribution rights to the game.
  • Interactive rich experience: Games give users more interactive and engaging experience while apps do not provide such platform to interact with others. Games possess more attractive, appealing and alluring graphics which catch user’s attention in a blink of eye whereas apps lack in this regard.
  • Global Distribution at Minimal Cost: Not just the mobile games are easier to distribute among international platforms, but quite inexpensive to develop as well as compared to mobile apps. This is another reason for its rapid success. So, if your brand is not confined to borders, get it out there for the world to experience the outstanding level of gaming.

Hence, it goes to show that if you have determination, focus, ideas and money gaming is the industry you must turn to make a hefty investment in. Of course, you need to put in a lot of efforts, but it has worked for many so it could work for you. Not to forget, if you have the story established it can help you create an art style that fits the world and thereby turn the whole picture of GAMING WORLD.

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