Welcome to Myriad of Dragons, the next and only RTS TCG you’ll ever need.

Myriad of Dragons is a modern Trading Card Game with Real Time Strategy elements built on community. It allows players endless battle strategies and unites them with players internationally in an effort to establish a new standard in Trading Card Games, including guilds, empires, and consistent events to keep players enthralled. Whether it’s the single player story’s rich lore, or questing with friends, Myriad of Dragons offers all you need, set within a brilliant fantasy world in full HD.


  • Lush fantasy setting with HD artwork that stands strong
  • Dominate your opponents in one on one match
  • Use the bazaar and player to player trading to keep yourself armed
  • Recruit, train and level up your cards, soldiers, buildings and skills
  • Build your own empire and carve a name out in the pages of history
  • Never fall into a lull again with a constant stream of events
  • Team up with allies and guild members alike to tackle the toughest of challenges

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